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There are four distinct companies, Heights Equities, Westwood Holdings Corp., Heights Solar, and Obnovi, LLC.

Commercial and Residential Investment

Heights Equities, Inc.

Heights current holdings include buildings NNN tenanted by Red Lobster (2), Hardees (2), Buffalo Wild Wings, and a rental beach property on Sullivan’s Island. Heights is repositioning its historic downtown Charleston warehouse at 161 East Bay Street to include a ground floor restaurant, two full floors of space for wedding and corporate events and a rooftop bar (pending approval). Heights has purchased a downtown parking near 161 to provide valet parking for customers.

Commercial and Residential Investments 

Westwood Holdings Corp.

Westwood invests in commercial and residential buildings.  Its current holdings include a 3-story walk up mixed use office building in NJ, and one of Sullivan’s Island, SC largest capacity short term beach rental properties.

Solar Leasing and Investment

Heights Solar, LLC

Heights Solar organizes and invests in rooftop or ground mount solar photovoltaic projects.  Working with providers, users, and utilities, Heights Solar structures solar investments eligible for Federal and State tax benefits.  Certified by the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff, Heights Solar completed its first lease investment in 2016 with the Daniels Island Club, and has since complete several other projects including one with Habitat for Humanity in Goose Creek, SC.

 Residential Renovations

Obnovi, LLC

Obnovi is the residential buy, renovate, and sell development affiliate to Heights.  Working with local acquisition and construction specialists, Ovnovi has successfully competed over 15 projects in the Charleston area since 2016 and expects to continue this business in 2018 and beyond.